What We Do

The “glue” for our Spiritual Community is our shared commitment to spirituality, love, vision, community service, education, integrity, financial health, caring, and compassion. We make our decisions and guide our growth by continuous sensitivity to the unfolding vision of God, the Universe, Spirit, for our community and by devotion to our shared values and guiding principles.

We convey a way of life based on spiritual practices that builds spiritual community globally. Every center, church or aspect of our Spiritual Community serves as a point of inspiration and dynamic influence for the vision of Global Heart, and we further express our vision through compassionate service to our members and to the world.

Our vital and growing Spiritual Community fuels an expanded awareness of our transformative teaching throughout the world. As we communicate “New Thought – Ancient Wisdom” through the teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit, we further the experience of a “universal spirituality” bridging all peoples, cultures, nations and faiths.

The richness of our expression of Spiritual Community cultivates leaders, not just followers. We bring forth an enlightened citizenry and generate an abundant flow of spiritual leaders in service to the transformation of our world.

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