What Do You Want To Be When You…

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I am still working on an answer to this question.  What if the question were, what do you want to BE?  I want to BE healthy, loved, conscious, a good example for others, or prosperous.   A prosperous life being a life where there is a balance of your health, your relationships, your creative expression/career and your wealth.

Imagine how your life might BE  if in addition to all the learning you received you were also taught how to BE.  I believe I had a relatively “normal” childhood without too many debilitating parental gifts to carry forward.  I know too that I was nudged in the direction of becoming a doctor, a wealthy doctor, of course.  As I finished my undergraduate studies I realized that I had interests and talents that were not suited to being a medical practitioner.  I was able to make a new choice.

You have made many choices that have delivered you to this exact point in the Universal continuum.  There is no spilled milk.  There is only the opportunity to choose, consciously.  Choosing consciously means making choices from the place of being aware of your wants, needs and desires as a good steward.  Stewardship means that you  recognize the bounty of resources you have in the form of intelligence, energy and wisdom and  that you have the opportunity to invest these resources to create the life that you desire.  This is choosing from the inside out rather than from the outside in.  This is choosing from a state of being, a state of consciousness.

As a good steward of your life resources you are conscious of the choices that are available to you in the context of the choices that you have already made.  You can then live consciously assessing in each moment that which serves and that which does not serve you.  As a good steward you are able to ascertain the value of each choice and each asset that comprises your life.  In this way you will be able to make minor course adjustments that will guide you toward your desired life.

Your work in every moment is to be conscious of your state of being and to make the next choice from that awareness.



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