To Flow or not to Flow (what was the question?)

I am moving, this is the message from the Universe to you.  It is moving, it is changing and guess what you do not need to do anything to make that happen.  In fact, you can only nudge it along by your own energetic movement.  You are part of the infinite oneness, you can contribute to the energetic flow or you can just go along for the ride. You have heard people say I am stuck or blocked (not you, someone you met once).  This is their declaration that in some way they have stepped out of the flow of the Universe.

Of course, that is actually not possible AND you can be a non-participant in the flow by letting your “bloated nothingness”  get in the way.  Sort of like putting a plug in a drain.  Stepping out of the flow is a conscious action.  Oh no!  YES!  Listen to the person that claims to be blocked.  You will most likely hear words  like I can’t, it doesn’t work for me, some day I will do that, I will do that after or someone else got my life instead of me, etc.  In essence their beliefs are expressed in their language and their language says NO to the flow.  This is their bloated nothingness talking.

Being in the flow is as simple as saying yes to the flow.  One way of saying yes to the flow is through your expression of gratitude/appreciation.  When you receive a compliment or gift with grace not only are you telling the other person you liked what they bestowed upon you, you also send the same energetic message to the Universe.  There is always something for you to be grateful about, yes, always.  If you woke up this morning BE grateful.  It is as simple as that.  You are in the flow when you declare what you want into the unified field.  You can supercharge your participation in the flow by talking about the things that you desire with thoughts and words like I can, it is already done, all things are possible as my life, the Universe is coming together for my highest good, NOW.

What are you waiting for?  Start declaring yourself as IN THE FLOW!

love and blessings


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