Our Values


To express the love that is the love Spirit for Self and each member of the Spiritual community.



To know that each member is living a life that is love filled, healthy, wealthy, and fully expressed. All are flourishing as their lives expand in new and dynamic ways each day.



To be actively involved with a unified, dynamic grouip of people with common practices, to serve and rely upon on another, make decisions and create together, identify themselves as part of a larger common unity, and commit themselves for the term to their own well-being and that of each other and the group.



To be thankful for everything that is my life today. Eo express this attitue of gratitude with everyone.


Spirit and Spiritual Growth

To be dedicated to an ever deepening relationship with our higher selves and the Divine. And, to know that the One, the Creator, unchangeable Truth is not a peson but the Prinicple of Life, creative intelligence itself.



To embrace fun, lightness, spontaneity, joy and lightness of being.


We honor everyone’s spiritual path and support each individual in her/his pursuit of the values that we have adopted as a community. As a community we practice radical inclusivity as we look through the eyes of Spirit into the eyes of Spirit.

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