Look No Hands!

I remember the learning to ride a bike and how I learned to trust that gravity, balance and momentum would work together to keep me upright.  All I needed to do was pedal and steer.  As I got more confident I learned that I could take my hands off the handlebars and steer by shifting my weight/balance in the direction that I wanted to go.  I learned that the most important part of hands free bike riding was being clear about where I wanted to go AND trusting that everything else was coming together to hold me up and move me in that direction.

Later in life I learned that trusting in the Universal process (the flow) was key to realizing the life that I wanted to live.  There is a  big difference between riding a bike without hands and creating the life that I wanted.  That is, the bike required that I put my hands back on the handlebars to execute certain tight turns.  Life required that I take my hands off permanently.  Life and creating the life that I wanted was even more about trust in the Universal flow and being clear about my intention and attention than the bicycle ever was.  When you decide upon the life that you want to live and commit to it fully with a full body yes you are setting your direction into/with the Universal flow.

The only thing that you need to do is to stay focused on your desire (intention) by maintaining your attention upon it.  The Universal Flow does not need you put your hands on the handlebars.  You only need to stay clearly focused on your intention and trust that the process is working for your highest good.  Your attention on your intention is like your feet pedaling the bike.  It causes an energetic shift in the cosmic pathway that will move you along.  The key here is that you are putting yourself into the cosmic field of infinite possibility and you really don’t know nor do you need to know HOW to pick your way through all the possible ways that you might arrive at the realization of your desired life.

Thus, when you shove off the curb of life on your cosmic bicycle set your course with your desire, energize your travel with your clear intention and attention and TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE HANDLEBARS!  You will love the journey and even more, you will love the realization of your desires.

love and blessings


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