I Attracted What?

My first exposure to the Law of Attraction was in the book “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.  What I understood almost immediately is that I am always attracting things into my life.  The conclusion I drew is that I must be very clear about what it is that I am attracting to myself.  In an excerpt of a talk I heard Holmes say that the concept is simple and execution of it is not easy.  What could be hard about being clear and conscious about what I want in my life, ALL THE TIME?  Very soon I came to understand that it is the “all the time” factor that is not easy.  I could observe my attention being distracted by all sorts of things from the news media or the ideas, demands and  beliefs of other people, not to mention my own beliefs.

Along the way I learned that you don’t necessarily need to express something as a desire.  That is, I can point to several examples where my thoughts were of interested curiosity.  A question like, what would it be like to serve on the Board of Trustees of Agape International Spiritual Center.  I had that thought one Sunday morning after listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith talk about Agape’s Board of Trustees.  I had served on a number of nonprofit boards and my thought went to “what would it be like?”  I let the thought go and literally forgot about it, long story short about two years later Michael stopped me after service and asked, “are you ready to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees?”  I had as Holmes suggests planted a seed and left it to grow and develop without digging it up to check on its progress.  I went about my business participating and serving at Agape and yes, every now and then I would wonder, “what would it be like?”

I can also cite examples where my interested curiosity resulted in a negative result.  Without getting into details I learned powerfully and directly to keep my thoughts in the direction of the life I desire.  I do not consider this positive thinking or affirmative thinking I call this having clear alignment of your intention (desires) and your attention.  The spiritual practice here is to be undistracted from that which you desire.  The “simple” practice is to speak affirmatively about the life that you desire, ALL THE TIME.

love and blessings


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