Higher Power or Spirit Within

A young woman asked me an important question the other day. She said that in her 12 step program she had learned to recognize a higher power, a power that was outside of herself. You, she said, just talked about Spirit, the creator being within me. So, which is it, is there a higher power or is there only the higher power that is within me? And the answer is……


Yup, here is how it works. You are created from the undifferentiated substance of Spirit or Source. Source energy is everywhere and as I like to say even in the places that you don’t know and can’t even imagine. You are made from this energy and surrounded by it all the time. You might hear someone say that they have been leaning into or upon Spirit. Why do they need to do this if they made from the substance of Spirit? There are times when we are feeling our oneness and unity with Source and times when we feel somehow abandoned and separate. In these moments it is very assuring to me to know that Spirit is as close as my breath and as close as my hands and feet and I don’t have to go searching……..I can lean into Spirit.

This is a key part of your mystical evolution. You are not separate and alone in the Universe you are an integral part of the Infinite Substance of Spirit.  You are never separate from Spirit. It is, “the aloneness that is never alone,” according to Ernest Holmes. That is, you may be alone, away from other people or beings AND you are smack dab in the middle of the infinite power and presence.

The purpose of your spiritual practice is to be in a state of awareness of the Oneness all the time. This is your alignment with the vibrational frequency of Source. energy This is the ecstasy that the mystics of the ages have experienced. It is the reason they dance, play, sing and sit in the “lap” of the Divine all the time. Their physical, mental and spiritual bodies are perfectly attuned to the energy signature of the Divine.

Your search is over.  Know that Spirit is “as close as your neck vein” as the Sufi masters say. Feel it, know it, love it, love yourself and tune in to the Infinite!
love and blessings

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