Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind was founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes, a self-taught philosopher who rigorously studied the world’s Spiritual paths for most of his life. Through his studies of the world’s religions, he synthesized what he saw to be the truths running through them all, free of any particular dogma. In 1927, he wrote ‘The Science of Mind’, the book that is the foundation of the principles of Science of Mind.

Earnest Holmes on Prayer:

Most men who believe in God believe in prayer; but our idea of prayer changes as our idea of God changes; and it is natural for each to feel that his way of praying is the correct way. But we should bear in mind that the prayers which are effective – no matter whose prayers they may be – are only effective because they embody certain universal principles which, when understood, can be consciously used.

Prayer is not an act of overcoming God’s reluctance, but should be an active acceptance of His highest willingness. Through prayer, we recognize a spiritual law that has always existed, and put ourselves in alignment with it.

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