Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices are the “how to” of what we teach.  It is when you engage in spiritual practices you begin to embody the universal principles that underpin Science of Mind.  We teach seven (7) spiritual practices that facilitate your development as you move along your path.  These practices are meditation, affirmative prayer, sacred giving, sacred service, spiritual study, spiritual community and life visioning.  We know that this may be a change from your experience.  These practices provide a foundation that will underpin your growth and expansion.

As these practices become an integral part of your life, your life will be changed for the better.  These practices are a guideline for you to follow.  They are not a prescription and definitely are not meant to be restrictive in any way.  What we know is that as you engage in these practices your way of being is changed and you experience more love, peace, joy and, in general, more success in their life.  Our aim is to assist you in establishing your personal spiritual awareness and practice.  We keep an ample supply of prayer cards in our lobby for you to use.  I encourage you to play your prayer card early and often! Playing your prayer card means simply to ask for affirmative prayer from any member of our Prayer Team.

Meditation – One thing that appears to be universal is that spiritual teachers  agree that meditation is one of the most important if not the most important of the spiritual practices.   There are many meditation techniques taught and practiced in the world.  All of these techniques share a common purpose, that is, to assist you in attaining a state of stillness where you are able to become more self aware.  As a spiritual practice, meditation provides a vehicle through which you can still your mind and begin to hear the voice of Reality, the voice of intuition or the still small voice.  When you are seeking clarity, when you want to choose differently, meditation is a most powerful practice for you to use.  We begin our Sunday Celebrations as well as many of our classes with a period of meditation.

Affirmative Prayer – Affirmative prayer is a cornerstone of our spiritual practice — some would say the most powerful of our practices.  It is through affirmative prayer that you recognize and affirm the spiritual truth of each person — which is your alignment and unity with the infinite nature of Spirit.  The technology of affirmative prayer (often we call it  treatment) is a five step process that involves the recognition that Spirit is all that there is and that you are one with it.  The affirmative portion of the prayer is a realization of truth, a proclamation that the perfection and wholeness that is Spirit is indeed the perfection and wholeness that is expressed as you.  We speak these words in gratitude and we declare them as your Truth now.  Watch for our introduction to Science of Mind class which provides an opportunity to learn this powerful practice.

Sacred Giving – Sacred Giving is a practice of gratitude for the abundance of the universe being present in your life.  When you practice Sacred Giving you learn to give from the space of knowing that the overflow consciousness of the universe is sourcing and supplying you in every moment.  The historical definition of a tithe is 10% of one’s  income.  It is a practice that originated with the practice of holding back 10% of the farmer’s seeds for the purpose of reserve and seeding the next year’s crop.  When you give with the confidence of knowing that the infinite flow of the universe is constantly sourcing and supplying you, then you are tapping into the infinite supply of the universe for yourself and planting the seed for your future abundance.  We offer our Prosperity Plus class several times during the year to teach the power of personal vision and giving.  When you give to the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral you are tapping into the Law of Attraction and the Law of Circulation.  It simply comes down to “If there ain’t no flow, there ain’t no grow!”

Sacred Service – Service is meditation in action.  As the realization of oneness with all beings is awakened, an organic, natural desire arises calling you to be of service in an unconditional manner.  It is service for the sake of the service without expectation of a particular result or personal benefit.  Sacred Service is another activity that demonstrates the infinite abundance of the Universe as you give freely from that overflow consciousness that is constantly flowing through and as you.  You are confidently giving, knowing that you cannot out- give Infinite source.  It is through Sacred Service that you can “be” the change that you want to see in the world.

Spiritual Study – We are asked all the time, “How can I learn more about my spiritual path?” “How can I learn to embody my idea of Spirit.”  The answer is, take  our classes.  Accredited Science of Mind (SOM) classes and workshops provide the opportunity for you to gain from the experience of others who have “walked the path before you.”  Your spirituality and your relationship with Spirit cannot be found in books. You will, however, through study and discussion with other students  discover insights to assist you in awakening to your true self.  It is also through classes that the seed of your spiritual growth and unfoldment is planted.

Spiritual Community – Community is a dynamic and important dimension of the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral. We are keenly aware that it is through community with like-minded people that you will experience the love and joy of being on a spiritual path.  As we gather together in prayer, meditation, Sunday Celebration, classes and social gatherings, you will experience the connection in Spirit that we all share.  You will also experience the benefit of having the encouragement and uplifting energy of others who hold your desires in a high positive energy.

Life Visioning –  Life Visioning is a guided meditation process designed to assist in revealing your soul purpose.  Through a guided meditation you are called to look within and to listen to your inner voice.  When this process is practiced in a group setting amazing things come forth.  We find that the group intention for stillness and clarity impresses itself upon everyone in the group, making it much easier to attain that state of stillness that we all  desire.  Our Board of Trustees uses the visioning process to guide the direction of our Center.  We use it in other settings to support individuals and/or new ventures that our members are pursuing.

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