Are You On Cosmic Hold?

I was with some guitar friends yesterday afternoon and one of them was talking about her new business, going to open mic nights and other guitar groups and by the way her car had broken down. What I did not hear say was anything remotely like, I can’t until I take care of my car. In fact she said I am planning to rent a car for 2 weeks so I can get down to Ft. Myers Beach and sell my sandwiches, i.e., do her business. My intuition said, she will be successful with her business. I had not seen nor tasted one of her gourmet sandwiches, it was her intention, excitement and attention to development of a successful business plus her enthusiasm about the actual preparation of the sandwiches and the ingredients. Like slow cooking the spicy pork for her Cuban style sandwich.

As I listened to her and felt her energy I knew that she was not holding anything back. Simultaneously I thought, I hear people talk about their lives that have essentially put the Universe on hold. It sounds like, I CAN’T sell my product (or get a new job) at the farmer’s market until I get my car fixed and I can’t get my car fixed until I get some money and I can’t get some money until I clean out my sock drawer. Can you see the flashing light on the telephone of the Universe signalling I am too busy to receive infinite flow? This phrase, I CAN’T UNTIL, is a message to the Universe to go away, I am not ready to receive anything.

In reflecting on successful people that I know I saw a common theme. These people are always in motion, they are moving from one opportunity to another, one presentation to another and saying YES to the Universe at every turn. How can they say YES all the time, simple, they know that not every opportunity is going to turn into actual work and they know that by being present for the flow that arrives in their lives they are keeping the door open for the next opportunity. They are in a constant state of knocking on the door of opportunity and asking the Universe to move in their direction.

When you are open to possibility in this manner you are in solution consciousness. You are NOT creating NOR designing the solutions you are simply opening yourself for Universal good to present plausible solutions to and for you. Your work is to be conscious and discover which of the possible solutions resonates with your intention.
Happy Monday

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