Are You Connected?

The most powerful thing to know as you walk your spiritual path is that you are never walking alone, you are always connected.  Knowing that you are connected is a conscious part of your practice.  A few years ago I was reading the Hebrew Testament and A Course in Miracles as part of my daily spiritual practice.  OK, so you raised your eyebrows and wondered how I could be engaged in two such different writings.  It was merely a moment in my life that I felt I needed to connect with both of them.  I had dramatic realizations as I pursued my daily reading.  The underlying message is similar, that is, we must stay connected to Spirit.

In the Hebrew testament there are lots of stories of loss and battles and imprisonments.  What I gleaned from these stories was that when the king was practiced his connection to Spirit everything was good for the king and the Jewish people.  When the kings were distracted from their connection in Spirit their kingdoms and the lot of the Jewish people fell apart and they fell pray to others.  The message is clear, be consistent in your practice and your faith in the one Spirit and everything will be given unto you.  Stray and put material things between you and the Spirit and you will lose everything.

A Course in Miracles is a step by step manual (in my mind) for walking back into your connection with Spirit.  The readings and the daily lessons are beautifully laid out for you to let ” your eye be single.”  The Course provides the tools to unlearn your attachments to the material world.  A note here, releasing your attachments to the material world does not mean taking a vow of poverty.  It means that you are not to be distracted by the glitter and glamor of the material world such that you become separate from Spirit, that is, putting material tings between you and Spirit.  You will learn to live knowing that Spirit is always there and all the riches of heaven are yours for the asking.

The good news with wisdom teachings such as these and others is that we have the ability to choose our connection with Spirit all the time.  Remember, one in Spirit is a majority.

love and blessings


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