24 Hours Old

What if you only remembered what your life has been for the last 24 hours?  How would your be changed?

As human beings we appear to love to tell our stories and compare them to everyone else’s story.  This is the result, in part, of modern psychology teaching us that our current behaviors and neuroses are the result of all the things that we have experienced all the way back to our childhood and that we need to remember them.  As spiritual counselors we are taught to open a session with a client with questions like, what would you like to work on today or what brings you here today  rather than our typical socially acceptable greeting of how are you?  If your story is only 24 hours long what would you talk about?

The challenge is that we get a lot of benefits from repeating all the details of our stories such as sympathy, empathy, compassion, help and even love.  Why, then, would you want to shorten up your story.  Simple, so that you can be present to the life that you are living RIGHT NOW!  When we spend our time retelling the story of our lives we are ingraining that information deeper and deeper into our energetic memories.  The result is that we get stuck in the story, i.e., the past, rather than being in the NOW.

Yes, I know we are the sum total of our choices and our thoughts before this moment.  If I have only 24 hours of history then I can celebrate where I am right now without having to remember all the twists and turns then led to this moment.  There is a country western tune that goes something like, God bless the crooked road that brought me straight to you!  With only 24 hours of story time I would be totally focused on today and the choices and thoughts that are present as me.  With only 24 hours of history I would learn and practice the attitude of gratitude for what IS right now.

Think about it, try it on for size.

love and blessings

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